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Since NPLD started in 2008, in a makeshift world of make believe set in a campsite in Tipperary with a bunch of enthusiasm and a bucket of hope, little did the 40 or so revellers know that within a 3 year period, this would grow into a gem of a festival. 

Due to the success of this adventure it was decided that the festival should find its rightful home and so luckily we found an equally enthusiastic landlord in Roderick Percival of Temple House Sligo. Not only could he provide our field of dreams for this playground, but also was willing not to think we were insane!!

The idea of No Place Like Dome is a simple one, that everyone is self sufficient and gets involved to create for a short time, an arena where people can let themselves go and give love and respect to their fellow man, asking nothing in return than kindness and a bit of banter (all in fancy dress of course).

The Dome at NPLD is the inspiration, which is a geodesic dome, and the focal point for the weekend. As well as that we have grown from one dome to several, along with a man made bunker, art installations which include the worlds largest guitar ( which one can get inside, climb the stairs and peer across the festival from the sound hole) and a costume camp, a log cabin facade acoustic courtyard, and an extensive chillout village, all of which will be beautifully complimented by this years additions that we have up our sleeves.

But don't fret, all of the mod cons to enable you to be self sufficient are here aswell, such as a kitchen your granny would be proud to bake in, a BBQ that Paul Hogan himself has blessed and toilets and hot showers aplenty all with their own little sprinkling of dome dust.

This year, the festival has developed into a full grown 3 day, camping extravaganza with each day bringing with it a nugget of newness and exciting adventures for you the festival goer. This is a festival put on by festival goers, for festival goers. We now what you want therefore we know what to give.

With Music, Dancing, Performance Art, Visual Installations and all the fun and games we can muster, ladies and gentlemen there is No Place Like Dome.

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